In terms of employee engagement, I think we have all been there: Work that makes you feel you’d rather stay in bed, and work that drives you to think about solutions creatively, maybe even beyond working hours.

Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance.

Creating an environment that supports people stay engaged at work, committed to the team and focused on the organization’s productivity & results is an objective I would argue most companies would have in common. So, how is it done?

Let’s connect with the needs of the ones that count: your employee. What is the person, the individual, looking for? Here’s an overview of a Gallup study that will give you some insight:


What Do I Get?

· Materials & Equipment  · Know what is expected of me.

What Do I Give?

· I do what I do best  

· I received recognition in the last 7 days

· My Manager actually cares about me & encourages my development

Do I Belong Here?

· My opinions count

· I feel aligned with the mission and purpose of the company

· My Co-workers are committed to providing quality work

· I feel that I have a good friend at work

How Can We All Grow?

· My professional progress has been monitored and I have received constructive feedback in the last 6 months.  

· I am confident that I can grow within this organization.

“Gallup found that the key drivers of productivity for employees include whether they feel cared for by a supervisor or someone at work;

whether they have received recognition or praise during the past seven days;

and whether someone at work regularly encourages their development. ”

Jim Loehr

There are a couple of excellent books on this topic. If you haven’t got much time, check the Callibrain Videos for a quick intro, and try our Worksheet with simple exercises on how to increase employee engagement. 

**Quick peek into our WORKSHEET**


Putting it into practice

_Quickies 5min

  • Less is more.

Recognition and acknowledgement of your team and coworkers is more than just words. If you find yourself with a set of statements and phrases that tend to fill in the gaps, re-think! Your intention is what counts. Take time, look the person into the eyes, and actually mean what you say. Even if that means, you will do it less often.


  • Align values & Vision

Do you feel everyone is connected to the vision of the project? Do you know what kind of values your team shares? Go back to the basics and create a platform to align and share, listen to the voices of your team members. It’s the foundation of collaboration.

_Take it further!

..take it further and deepen the learning by doing the exercises suggested on our worksheet related to creating more employee engagement, here.


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