Stop Talking, Start Listening – The Coaching Factor, ALE 2019

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Summer 2019 took a different turn! My proposal for the workshop about coaching in an agile context got accepted as one of the  SEED Session at the ALE2019 in Porto. Among loads of lovely people and loads of learning, I had the share my expertise as a Coach whilst spending enjoyable and productive days in Portugal.

I simply love the idea of this agile “conference”. ALE changes the location every year, the whole event is run by volunteers and it’s designed for children and spouses to join and have a good time in summer. And that we had!

Soooo, I won’t share the photos with me and a good glass of wine right next to the river in Porto, nor all the port tasting we did. LOL (I am sure these photos ended up somewhere on social media).

Instead, I’d love to share some of the insights of the workshop, photos, and the slides of my presentation, in case it can be of any use to you.


Re-thinking Agile Coaching focuses on Coaching as the key driver for transformation. Since I joined the Agile Community, I have been astounded by how powerful coaching abilities are when dealing with teams in complex environments. In the end, the ability to change and adapt is an inherent human trait.

However, most of us have been tainted by a technical background of IT, engineering or at times business that leaves little room for the human factor. My workshop at ALE 2019 was designed to help attendees discover coaching abilities and broaden personal & professional spectrums in a way that they would get hands-on tools to use when they got back working side by side with their teams in the following week.

The workshop aimed at teaching:

  • how to transform businesses and impact people by using powerful questions, speaking from a stance of curiosity and service.
  • how to change mindsets so that a team transforms from the inside out, creating insight and new ways of working.

We explored together ways and tools to impact team dynamics and create a culture of transformation from the inside out.

Stop talking, start listening.

Check the slides of the workshop below. You can go through all of them by clicking the arrows on the left and right sides. 



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