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I’m Maike Stolte, founder of Inbody Coaching and Training with more than 10 years experience of coaching individual clients as well as teams in organisations.

My business is to make yours more efficient: assisting you to create highly adapted leaders, increase employee engagement and motivation.

I work with companies seeking to excel by creating an outstanding work culture & reducing stress levels. We support SME and international corporates to foster high-achieving executives. Moreover, we help your teams to communicate more efficiently and manage conflict via personalised workshops.

If you are facing heavy workloads or high pressure, we apply agile coaching to easily navigate through the digital transformation companies face these days.
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"I found the coaching sessions with Maike really useful – she takes a calm and practical approach. What I really liked is that she listened – she didn’t have a ready-made solution to impose, she made suggestions that fitted the reality of my messy life and career. Nevertheless, she was not afraid to challenge some of my assumptions about what was and wasn’t important so I came out of the sessions with a fresh perspective on what I’m trying to do, along with some practical suggestions for changes to make. I will definitely return in the future when I inevitably lose my way again and need some help to re-focus."

Annette PaceyFreelance writer

"I had the pleasure of working with Maike only for a couple of sessions but I have to say, they were extremely beneficial and enlightening. She is such an empowering person to be around, very thoughtful and intuitive. She helped me get in touch with my deeper thoughts and make the decisions that I needed to make for me, not the ones that comply with the fears within."

Razan IsmailFounder at BoldLinx

"Months after my coaching process with Maike I still reap the benefits of all the learning, insights and change of perspective she has given me. Her humor and perseverance helped me open up, and face my preconceptions and prejudices to turn them around to benefit my relationships, both personal and professional. The focus on my value system and its relation to other people’s values is a helpful reflection I continue to use. I highly recommend her as a professional coach to help overcome conflicts, blockages or set a new path for anyone ready for it." Zsófia RévaySenior Information Specialist, OSIFE at Open Society Foundations


"We contracted Inbody in order to work on our leaders and managers of the foundation. At that time we were facing several issues regarding the direction and strategy of the company. The training and coaching provided clarity, opened up new perspectives and most importantly led us to make some important decisions in terms of reorganization. I cans ay that the coaching left positive footprints and has helped the team to work better, be more motivated and manage stress better."

Vanessa Salvi - Blue Project Foundation


"I had the pleasure to do a coaching programme with Maike for over 2 months. Maike is a great professional, I had a good chemistry with her and she provided with really good advice and insights. She listens and provides you with the methodology to reach your own conclusions. I would totally recommend her!"

Raquel VillacañaStrategic Marketing Europe at TomTom

"I found the sessions with Maike inspiring, thought-provoking and helpful. Maike's compassionate listening and her quick, smart perception & comprehension make for a safe & productive place to discuss issues/patterns. She guided me towards my own inner wisdom & intuitive problem-solving. I came away with a set of concrete, practical solutions I am using today. Her bodywork was an additional special treat. Overall: great coaching work, conducted in a professional, friendly, calm, neutral and positive environment."

Anne VialLiterary Scout at Anne Vial Literary Scouting

"I've had experienced both life coaching and Bodywork in several sessions with Maike. She is very insightful, practical and grounded. I would recommend doing even 1 session if you can't do more. You'll discover so many new things about yourself, you will be actually surprised. You will uncover as many secrets as your brain can digest."

Elena NesterovaBrand Manager at LLC Nestle Rys

"Maike has a strong personality, positive, creative and full of energy. She is an excellent professional with an extense knowledge of her expertise area.
She truly help me when I need the most. Her exercises, unexpect point of views, words of support are still helping me today and will towards the future. I recommend her to anyone that needs or seeks a new path in life, to reconnect emotionally, and to let go of some sort of deep pain one may have. All done in a sound, caring and reliable environment."

Sofia SáPeople and Talent Assistant



Life can be surprisingly complex and overwhelming at times. Our model allows for a flexible and comprehensive roadmap for individual and organizational challenges.

We all want to feel that our personal life & work are integrated and balanced. But how can you do it?  Let us help you find simple solutions to reduce stress and increase the time for the stuff you love.


Tools and tips to navigate your fast-paced work environment