Roadmap to success

executive coaching roadmap to success


1. Get Naked

Get to the core of the problem! Allow yourself to be vulnerable, challenge your beliefs, discover your values, in order to understand the underlying issue of your situation. What’s the context of the “problem”? What implications and conseuquences do you face? How do you block yourself, what are your fears? I recommend to “vomit” your frustration and pain in the first step. Strip!

2. Focus

Crucial to find your way through the maze is to have a direction. In other words, an objective and a clear outcome. That can be easier said that done. Our model recognises that different parts of us may have different aspirations, needs and longings. We believe that by addressing what pulls us incoherently inside and aliging ourselves with the bigger purpose and picture allows one to channel energy into the right direction. Focus makes you more efficient!

3. Transform

Turn your problems into challenges! Every obstacle has the potential to be a milestone in your journey of learning and self-development. We use the model to help you discover opportunities of growth and transform you in a better version of yourself. Within a complex network of subjective perception (Your stance), cognition (Your beliefs and values) and recognition (Your channel of self-worth) we dive into the five elements that move us as a human being.

4. Dance

Hence, we ask you dance within your emotional, intellectual, physical realm, in order to discover how you construct your identity and how you deal with relationships. There is no right or wrong. There is only your own style and learned strategies that will deliver certain results in your work and life. If you want different results, we will invite you to explore other options and alter your strategies. This way you will actually get to your desired destination.

5. Reap Results

Your journey is unique as it relies on a process of your own subjective experiences that will provide you with insight, clarity and meaning. We help you create your personal recipe of balance and success that will serve you as a formula for professional growth, resilience and independent choice.  


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