…means understand the world of complex environments.

First, you need to focus on to be an effective leader in this context. Second, your mindset is the key to success.

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Maike Stolte coach ejecutivo

Maike’s Why

In recent years I have worked as an Agile Coach, which has made me realise one crucial element:

Focus on Leadership!

You can create agile teams and processes, but you’ll be stuck in an agile bubble if you don’t get your leadership teams on board.

Step into the right mindset! Particularly, find out how to change your approach to be an agile leader in this new, challenging context!

The key is collaboration.

Collaboration builds consensus, solves problems, surfs change, and develops cohesion.

AGILITY whitepaper

What’s inside? 

VUCA & complex environments

What is Agile?

Leadership needs to be Agile

Steps into a more agile Leader