New Normal or not, life is constantly changing.

2019 opened the can of a buzzing digital worms, blurred boundaries of work & life as well as challenges for teams and their leaders.

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Maike Stolte executive coach

Maike’s Why

Personally, I faced a bit of a steep learning curve when the lockdown hit Spain. I had to adapt quickly to new tools and to a lot of sitting down in front of never ending video conferences. During this time I noticed that my clients dealing with larger teams faced the following challenges:

Team collaboration, keeping the team connected and motivated via online tools (limited for some companies too), have proposed a set of new challenges for teams and their leaders alike.

Download our paper that delivers some data on the effect of Covid as well as some relevant clues to focus on.

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Leaders need to guide their people into different ways of working and collaborating while maintaining a focus on the business.

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What’s inside? 

Tiptoeing through Leadership

Patchwork of the New Normal

People & Data

Leading forward on key issues